Our Mission

We deliver the most professional, top notch personal training services in the state. Every client must go through 16 orthopedic measurements, a postural and movement  analysis. With the information gathered from our assessment and from the client's goals we create a detailed program that is tailored to you. No two humans are created the same so nor should their programs.

Our trainers have bachelor degree in the related field and are certified in Human Mechanics and Biomechanics by DBC. Our trainers are lifelong learners, and it's what separate us from the competition.

Our team


Rene Mata


Rene graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a degree in Kinesiology specialized in Exercise Science- He supplemented his education with a certification in Biomechanics and Human Movement.

Rene founded MSF in 2017, and is on a mission to provide the general public, youth athletes, and professional athletes the best training services done the correct way. 




Tyler graduated from Graceland University with a degree in Allied Health, and concentrated on corrective exercise and performance enhancement. He supplemented his education with a certification from the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 


Tyler provides a simple and effective training protocol fit to the individual. Everyone has a starting point - but no matter who you are, what you do, or where you're starting from, Tyler can help elevate your function and enhance your performance. 


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