General population 

Our training philosophy isn’t only to help produce better athletes, but to improve every individual's overall health, and create efficiently functioning humans. We execute the same protocol for the general public as we do with our athletes.


We specialize in lumbar (spinal injuries in general), shoulder, ankle, and knee injuries. If you’re having pain in general, or pain post-surgery; we will complete an assessment that will relay information of what is causing the pain. Then we will design a program to eliminate pain, and eliminate further damage. We've had numerous clients come in with injuries and have had 90% recovery rate.  


Adult Athlete Training:

Are you still competing competitively or recreationally, and would like to do so as long as you want with an improvement in performance, and reduction in injury?  Let’s get started today! Here are sports we specialize in: 

Long Distance Runners 

Golf (increasing ball distance)




Sport Performance   

We are the leading sport performance program in the state. Every athlete that walks through our door gets the same detail as if they were a professional athlete. We complete our assessment that consist of 16 orthopedic measurements, postural and movement analysis. With the information and the athlete's goal we create a program that's going to avoid future injuries, but also increase their performance in their sport. 

For every client that trains in a private or semi-private setting we create a college recruitment profile that provide colleges with their personal combine style testing, body specifics (body fat, height, etc.). Our goal is to help all of our clients accomplish their goal of playing in the next level!

50 College Scholarships    

2 college to professional athletes    

5 Gold medals (hockey)    

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  • By booking this you're scheduling a free assessment (read description)

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